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Pretty Little Things: Crystals to Balance your Ayurvedic Doshas

Pretty Little Things: Crystals to Balance your Ayurvedic Doshas

Feeling anxious? Lethargic? Unrooted? Crystals can help!

Amber Dolyak of Sand & Cinnamon creates energy-infused malas and jewelry, which we suggests you use as a tool to balance your subtle body energy. After all, diet and yoga aren't the only way to balance your doshas. Crystals can be a powerful source of energy. The Juicy Life sells her bespoke jewelry in our Santa Ynez studio, but you can also purchase her pieces online.

Amethyst Point wrap on black suede.

Amethyst Point wrap on black suede.


Balance pitta dosha's fiery summer energy with Amethyst Point, a calming, smoothing stone.

Amethyst, also affectionately known as "nature's tranquilizer," is known for being one of the most effective crystal for healing, Perfect for those "fire-y" energies that need to relax, it calms angry temperaments and balances overworked and overstressed individuals.

Yellow Agate framed in 24k gold plate, white glass faceted beads

Yellow Agate framed in 24k gold plate, white glass faceted beads


Grounded Kapha's springtime energy can be balanced with bright, uplifting colors like Yellow Solar Quartz and Orange Solar Quartz.

All Quartz are known as energy enhancers. Solar Quartz, by the way they are cut, are great for uplifting emotional strength and energy. They are often dyed vivid colors to enhance the stones natural variations.

Faceted Moss Agate Beads, matte 24k Gold Plate Flower Pendant

Faceted Moss Agate Beads, matte 24k Gold Plate Flower Pendant


Balance vata's airy winter energy with grounding Moss Agate

Known as the stone of new beginnings, moss agate has a strong grounding and enduring energy, aids in abundance and creativity. Look for Earthy greens with variations and perfect imperfections.

About Amber of Sand & Cinnamon:

'Sand' represents my connection for nature, water, and all life

'Cinnamon' for the warm intention I infuse into each of my pieces.

My intention is to spread health and beauty through my creations' mental and physical effects. My passion for holistic health led me to jewelry, as I use stones and crystals to hold healing intentions. I've always been empowered by creating and working with my hands, from the hunt for energetically harmonious materials to evoking an aesthetic as healing as it is pleasing to the eye.

Yoga and Juice For Optimum Ayurvedic Health

The Juicy Life utilizes doshas as a way of understanding the mind-body connection as aligned with ayurveda, the traditional Hindu method of medicine. Everyone has aspects of all three doshas, and throughout our lives, one or two will get thrown out off balance, causing physical and subtle body distress. 

Click here to learn what your dominant dosha is

So how does one keep their doshas in balance? Diet and exercise are crucial elements of self-healing, and The Juicy Life offers both via its yoga classes and juice creations and can create customized practices and cleanses for your specific dosha. 

Here are three yoga poses and juice recipes to support your dominant dosha: 



Grounded Kapha dosha has springtime energy, rooted to the earth, a little lethargic from a long winter, but ready to spring forth with growth if energized correctly. A hot yoga practice and backbends can rile up a low-energy Kapha, especially an proud balancing backbend like natarajasana




Kapha Juice: makes 2 servings

2 cucumbers

4-5 stalks celery

2 tart apple

1 cup spring peas

2 handfuls arugula

2 lemons, add to taste

Handful dill

Cayenne pepper to taste



Airy Vata dosha has winter energy, like a light, swirling snowfall. Grounding poses like viparita karani, also known as waterfall pose or, less elegantly, legs up the wall will help bring vata energy down to earth. Wrap a blanket as cozily as possible around as much of your body as you can snuggle in there and let your energy float down to the earth underneath you.


Vata Juice: makes 2 servings

5 carrots

5 oranges

1 whole pumpkin or butternut squash

2 cups sunchokes

3 stalks celery

Ginger to taste, start with an inch

Lemon to taste

Cinnamon to taste



Fiery pitta dosha is a hot, breezeless summer day. Pitta needs cooling energy to temper her flame, like child’s pose. Cooling breaths like lion's breath (exaggerated exhales out the mouth with the tongue sticking out) is another quick way to balance pitta energy.



Pitta Juice: makes 2 servings

1 honeydew melon

2 cucumber

2 handfuls of spinach

1 handful of basil

2 limes, more to taste

How to make yoga easier


We are here to support you on your journey to wellness! Yoga (and, we suppose, life in general) is only as hard as you make it. (And a smile tends to make everything easier.)           

Join us in the heart of Central California's wine tasting locale, the Santa Ynez valley, for yoga this week! Check out our schedule here.

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