Heated Power Yoga

This Heated Yoga Flow is designed to get you moving, sweating, and releasing toxins! Each week, the postures will change to keep the student challenged, vibrant, and alive. This class is set to upbeat music with heart-pumping beats. 

Yin Yoga 

We liken this all-levels practice to 'adult naptime.' We'll set ourselves up in seated and supine positions with ample props for maximum relaxation.

Heated 26

This is a 90 minute hot yoga class. It is a variation of the yoga sequence series, created by Bikram Choudhury.  We do  26 postures, 2 breathing exercizes two times each, in a room heated to approx 95 degrees. This is an excellent class for beginners through advanced practitioners because the teacher offers modifications to either intensify or make the postures easier depending on the student's level.  It's also great for your spine (strengthening core muscles) or for those working through injuries.  This sequence is a great overall body workout.  All levels are welcome.