The Juicy Life Yoga
Class Rates


20 for $20 New Student Special

20 Days of Yoga Classes for $20. For local, first-time students only. Expires 20 days after purchase.

“This is a deal that changed my life. When I first started practicing yoga it was a 20 days for $20 special that hooked me into a practice that healed me from the inside out. I would love to offer you this same magical special.” ~ Kimberly Zimmerman, Owner and The Juicy Life Coach

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Drop-In $20

Great for visitors or those wishing to keep things casual. Ready to try more than one class but not quite ready for one of our unlimited plans? Be sure to check out our Class Packs below to save up to 25% per class.


Prepaid Class Packs

More Yoga. More Savings. No Stress.


Take advantage of a better class rate at a frequency that works best for you and your life. Class packs never expire, so you can use them at your leisure. With maximum flexibility and up to 25% savings, these are a popular option.

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3 Class pack

$18 per class
10% savings

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5 Class Pack

$17 per class
15% savings

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10 Class Pack

$16 per class
20% savings

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15 Class Pack

$15 per class
25% savings


Prepaid Unlimited Classes

Unlimited Yoga. No Commitment.


Choose one of our prepaid unlimited packages and attend as many yoga classes as your heart desires within the period of time specified by the package purchased. Not only is this great for your wallet, it’s great for your body and mind as well!

Helpful Tip:

Prepaid Unlimited Packages are an excellent choice if you’re not quite feeling ready for the one year commitment that the Monthly Unlimited Membership requires (read on for details!). They’re a great way to experiment a little and test your limits first without having to stray too far outside your comfort zone.

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1 Month

TJL_ img_rates-3months.jpg

3 Months

TJL_ img_rates-6months.jpg

6 Months


Monthly Membership

Unlimited Yoga. Maximum Savings.

Level Up Your Yoga, Level Up Your Life.


Ready to make yoga a part of your life in a big way? Experience all the benefits that come from developing and sustaining a regular yoga practice with a Monthly Membership.

Pay a fixed amount automatically charged to your card each month and receive unlimited yoga classes and maximum savings for the duration of your active membership.

Minimum commitment of at least one year required.
Memberships may be put on hold for one month per year with no penalty and may be cancelled at any time with a cancellation fee of $200.

Monthly Membership
$100 / Month