Founder and CEO of The Juicy Life brand, Kimberly Zimmerman has made it her life’s mission to create and exercise a natural approach to total body health. Her passion in guiding others towards a healthy mind body relationship and living one’s best life through nutrition and yoga has culminated in the opening of The Juicy Life Yoga studio where she is thrilled to share her knowledge of wellness and achieving balance amongst The Juicy Life community and beyond.

As an active member in the health food movement, Kimberly has educated and guided many on the importance of nourishing the body with vibrant fuel through the creation of custom cleanses and carefully curated juices and smoothies through The Juicy Life.  Complementing the nutrition, she utilizes yoga as a way to nourish the mind and soul.  A graduate of The Institute of Integrated Nutrition, her practice focuses on the alignment of the body, mind and spirit to achieve your body’s ideal health. Kimberly's unique classes aim to unlock connections between the body and mind while encouraging students to use yoga off the mat as a guide in life.

Kimberly’s journey in creating The Juicy Life is a result of her love of practicing and teaching yoga and seeing a need to create an avenue for people to live a healthy and enjoyable life.

Prior to The Juicy Life, Kimberly spent years in the corporate space as a marketing specialist until yoga influenced her and changed the course of destiny forever.

Kimberly is a Native Lompocian and graduated from the University of California, Riverside, where she earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business Administration.


Stacey Hansen (RYT-500) is trained in Power Vinyasa and is a certified Trauma Informed Yoga specialist. Stacey actively works with foster families, adoptive families, veterans, and first responders teaching yoga workshops focused on releasing trauma from the body through the synergy of breath and movement. Stacey crafts an intentional yoga sequence that invites every student to marry breath and movement with purpose. Stacey’s classes have been described as creative, challenging, and supportive. Stacey cultivates a yoga experience that encourages her students to reach beyond themselves, root down with courage, and rise up with strength to find healing, resilience and purpose on their mat and in every aspect of their lives. You can expect to move and be moved with music, laughter, and heart.


Hannah recently moved to the Santa Ynez Valley from Austin, TX, where she had been living for the past 5 years. Through Black Swan Yoga she completed her 200-HR coursework in Hatha Yoga. 

Hannah brings a variety of experience into her yoga practice, including teaching Stand Up Paddle Yoga. Being mindful and present and connecting to one's unique body has been the pillars of yoga that originally attracted Hannah to start practicing over 8 years ago.


Kailyn Mattke is a Southern CA native. She grew up at the beach playing volleyball, running and swimming in the ocean. She still has a deep love of the ocean and it's grounding energy. With her study of epigenetics, nutrigenomics, and a sports and Physical therapy background, her teaching aesthetic is largely rooted in the belief that yoga can be both athletic and therapeutic

when combined with proper nutrition and practiced with intelligent guidance. As a teacher, she maintains the importance of proper alignment, accuracy of movement, and improved muscular control to reform shape and increase capacity. As a yogi, she also understands that any form of practice should foster improved relationships off the mat-- nutritionally, athletically, socially, spiritually, etc. She has worked privately with clients ranging from professional athletes to the severely injured, chronically ill, and recovering post operatives. No matter the client or the setting, her faith in the regenerative power of yoga and proper nutrition remains steadfast. She firmly believes that a conscious lifestyle and practice, refined with clean nutrition and clear instruction can allow bodies to evolve and heal at opt


Lisa is an integrative energy healer and financial planner. She has worked with people from all around the globe for over 23 years. She combines many learned energy healing modalities, as well as her intuitive insight to help people clear blocked areas of the body, mind and energy field. She utilizes Reiki, Access Consciousness, Theta Healing, Yoga, Sound Healing, Aromatherapy, and her knowledge of the body and energy bodies, to help people release and transform their negative thought patterns and physical holding patterns. She also helps people plan for their financial future, through safe products with living benefits. Book your individual healing session, or a no-cost financial planning session by calling Lisa at (805)748-2539.


Yoga for me has been a personal journey until I joined the 200 hour Juicy Life Teacher Training in the summer of 2018. Now I see how yoga can connect us as much as it offers the opportunity to learn about ourselves. I draw inspiration from literature and by spending time in nature. I make sense of the world by writing. I’ll use my sources of inspiration to design thought-provoking, kinetic sequences. My goal is to earn my place among the ranks of the humble guides who already enable yoga to brighten so many lives. I hope that each person will leave my classes feeling a little more embodied, a little more empowered, and a little more curious.



I am a Santa Ynez native with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Industrial Scientific Photography. My time is usually spent teaching, grounding myself in nature, and practicing living in the present moment. My journey in yoga began fairly recently as a way to connect with myself while gaining strength and flexibility. I ended up finding so much more. I hope to help guide others in a creative space that allows them to find what they seek.